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I try to document many different aspects of life in my photography, but I always find that people tend to be the most interesting and rewarding of these. I would call myself, then, a portrait photographer - at least for the most part. However, photography has many varied elements to it, so I endeavor to explore as many of them as I can in my work.

My studio is based in Tonawanda, NY - a suburb north of the great city of Buffalo. I am available for hire as an on-location  photographer throughout the greater Western New York area.

I encourage you to spend some time looking through my online portfolio. If you like my work, and would like to hire me as a photographer for your special event, please contact me. Portraits, event photography, commercial projects - whatever your idea is - if you're looking for quality professional work, I look forward to discussing your project with you.


Growing up in the Midwest, I began my love affair with photography at a fairly young age. However, I developed another strong passion - for music - during that time as well. And it is in that arena that I principally make my living, so to speak.

I started out my career in music performance, and have extensive professional training as a classical violinist. During graduate studies, I started focusing on academics, specifically the dual disciplines of Musicology and Librarianship. I combined those two areas, and I have been working now for nearly 25 years as a music librarian at the State University of New York at Fredonia, where I also occasionally teach as an adjunct instructor in music.

I think that music and photography are actually the same side of two different coins, with those coins being the musical arts and visual arts. Though vastly different, both arts require that their  practitioners be skilled and highly trained in the physical senses. A good musician works at developing the "ear," where photographers need to have a good "eye" for their craft.

Both of these arts are tremendous gifts, and I am privileged to be practicing them as part of my life's work.

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